Our Waste & Recycling Structure Solutions


With garbage and pollution becoming more of an issue, recycling is being encouraged now more than ever before. Governments across North America are constantly encouraging businesses, individuals, and families to recycle as much as possible in attempts to reduce waste. With the demand for recycling rapidly growing, so does the need for reliable, budget-friendly recycling facilities. That's where our buildings come in. We offer sturdy, low-maintenance recycling structure solutions that feature heavy-duty framing and outstanding all-weather performance. We understand that, in many cases, these buildings have to be constructed quickly and efficiently. The buildings we provide go up in a fraction of the time as traditional recycling facilities at a fraction of the cost. Each structure is portable and can be used in temporary or permanent applications. With natural lighting and ventilation, the interior stays fresh and odors are eliminated quickly. 

We are a company that is passionate about helping the environment and are proud to say that the buildings we construct are also recyclable. 

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