Our Disaster Recovery, COVID-19, & Temporary Housing Building Solutions

Here at Edge innovations Inc, community is extremely important to us, especially in unprecedented times such as these. This is why we are proud to offer disaster recovery and temporary housing building options to all municipalities, businesses, and communities across North America. From COVID-19 drive-thru solutions to negative pressure isolation room facilities, we have a structure that suits your current needs. Having the ability to rapidly construct, reuse, and relocate a building on any surface is essential when considering disaster recovery or temporary housing options. Fabric structures are the ultimate solution because of their low cost, maximum amount of usable space per square foot, quick erection times, and reduced maintenance expenses. These key aspects make fabric buildings ideal for medical facilities, community living quarters, auxiliary relief buildings, equipment storage, and any other temporary housing and disaster recovery need. Edge Innovations Inc has dedicated all resources to providing an accessible solution to the current needs generated by the COVID-19 virus. Our structure design principles follow both the Isolation Room Guidelines published by the International Health Facility Guidelines (IHFG) and the Guidelines for Intensive Care Unit Design published by the American College of Critical Care Medicine (ACCM). 

Fully enclosed healthcare facility structure

Our In-Stock Ground Mounted Drive-Thru Facilities

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