Edge Innovations Inc offers flexible financing and leasing plans to help make your fabric structure purchase more manageable. If you want to avoid upfront costs that could tie up cash or lines of credit, our purchasing options can help you free up funding for your financial capacity for other business expenses.

Some advantages of Leasing and Financing are:

  • Boosts cash flow by allowing deferred payments and flexible payment terms

  • 100% financing including site work, building cost, hardware, freight and equipment costs

  • Payments over a number of months or years allow for more room in your budget

  • Provides tax-planning options

  • Allows for customized payment plans based on your specific situation

  • Return or keep the structure. It's up to you!


Edge Innovations Inc also offers convenient rental options that fit your specific building needs. Whether you're looking for a short term rental or one spanning over a number of years, we will work with you to find a rental plan that will work with your budget. 

Some advantages of Renting are:

  • Saves precious company capital leaving you funds that can be used elsewhere

  • Allows you to break free of maintenance and repair cost! We will take care of those

  • No long term commitment necessary

  • Gives you the option to keep the structure! We have buy-out options too

  • You can rent any type of structure. We will custom design one for your specific requirements

  • Rent risk-free!

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