Being an industry leader of innovative building structures, materials, and techniques.

Consistence growth by providing a customer-centric approach to quality solutions while maintaining uncompromising principles.

Safety First - Service Excellence - Integrity & Ethics - Innovation - Drive - Commitment - Teamwork - Spirit - Continuous Improvement



Edge Innovations Inc. was founded on professional construction experience with training dating back to 1974 in Great Britain and Ireland. It all started with a wide range of clientele in the construction industry including Civil Engineering (construction of undergrounds, reservoirs, and water retention) and Commercial Engineering (materials elevation for high rise buildings and specialty equipment install).

Over the last two decades, the focus of Edge Innovations Inc. has been to watch the market for needed avenues of service and support, which led the company to various commercial and industrial market sectors. The management team at Edge Innovations Inc. has been with the company right from the outset and is currently building on experience that continues to evolve with new concepts of construction.



Edge Innovations Inc. is a construction management corporation for the building industry, specializing in the supply and install of high-performance portable fabric structures for all major market sectors across North America. We highly consider the needs of our clients and the evolving challenges during the whole construction period until its completion. We make it a priority to meet the needs of every client whether it be on-the-go job changes, or long term project goals. If you're happy, we're happy.



Edge Innovations Inc. is dedicated and committed to a rigorous health and safety program, which is monitored by a 3rd party to maintain the high standard that is required in Canada. The 3rd party is directly in line with the Alberta OH&S Act and demands constant site orientations, audits, and tailored Personal Protection Equipment policies for site specific needs.



Edge Innovations Inc is aware of the ever-growing needs of reclaiming and recycling building materials and waste. This is a need that requires ongoing vigilance and monitoring to be maintained. Edge Innovations Inc is constantly striving to understand and learn the meaning of sustainability, so we are able to apply it to all of our projects.

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